With High Honors

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My daughter never stop surprising us with such kinds of achievements coming from school. For this year 2017, she got the Top 7 rank spot from her class and the most determined kid. In the recognition happened last April 10, she’s one of the student with high honor. That means that she got an average final grade of 90% above. She got an average grade of 92.57% http://cialisfrance24.com so she was one of the lucky kid who got a medal coming from Department of Education.
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Also according to her teacher, she was a determined kid which means that even though she’s absent because she is sick still she can easily cope up with the lesson.
These are just some of the photos taken from the recognition day. As you can see proud parents are here! We are very lucky parents having a smart kid like our daughter.
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Once again I would like to congratulate you for all your achievements and for always giving your best. Just keep it in mind that we are always here for you to support you in anyway that we can.
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Congratulation again! May you continue to give your best and soon all your dreams will come though. Keep it up and also good luck for the next school year. I hope we can make it to the top!