Happy 7th Birthday to my Daughter

Time flies really too fast! My daughter already celebrated her 7th birthday just last February of this year. She is no longer baby anymore but grow into a beautiful young lady. Right now she’s our only child but we still keep on trying to give her younger brother or sister. That’s why we give our full attention towards her. Supporting her the best way we can. Giving her all the time that she needs.

As I have said we just celebrated her birthday. As we all know after a one year old birthday celebration, next big occasion would be the 7th birthday. Before her birthday comes, I already planned for it. I even exert some effort and time in planning her big event. Looking for different stuff that will be needed in preparing her birthday. Here are some of the things I take into considerations and preparations I made.

1. Asking her on what theme she wants for her birthday. It’s good to ask her point of view so it would also be more interesting for her as well. Involvement of her in preparation can also give you some tips on deciding on what things to do.
2. Where is the best place or venue for your party. In my case we just chose our backyard for the venue.
3. Of course, top of your list would be the foods you are going to served for the party. You can just prepare for the food or look for best caterers so it would be eay for you.
4. Giving away invitations for your guest. It’s good that we have social media sites, so it’s easy for us now to just give it to their accounts if you can’t make it personally.
5. Look for a well good emcee or a clown to add entertainment for your party.
6. Planning beforehand the minor things like where to buy the balloons, cakes, candies and prizes for children’s game.
7. Whether to rent for a sound system and tables/chairs.
8. Choosing the best give aways or souvenirs that guest will able treasure it.
But if you have limited budget, it is also fine. You can still celebrate any birthday just together with your love ones, families and friends. Just prepare your regular meal together with them. What is important is that you are surrounded by good people on your special day.

Let me show you some of the pictures taken from her birthday.
 photo IMG_0698_zpswyihvemh.jpg

 photo IMG_0710_zpsxrkq3k7e.jpg

 photo IMG_0752_zpswdzstuol.jpg

Once again, happy happy birthday to you my dear daughter. May you grow beautiful inside and out. May all your wishes come through. Just remember that we are always beside you no matter what happen. Just enjoy every moment of your life. Always be a God fearing person and just pray everyday. And may God continuously blessed you.

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